Resources for Families

Pre-Trip Questionnaire 

A free, handy checklist for you and your family before going on your vacation. Use this list to communicate with vendors along the way and at your destination. Feel free to print out and make copies to share with everyone going on your trip! 

Pre-Trip Questionnaire


Personalized Visual Supports ($10)

Visual supports help children with special needs to get ready for the new and exciting things they will encounter during their vacation. Answer a few questions about your upcoming trip and tell us about your child's unique needs and AbeonTravel will put together a fully personalized visual support. Your personalized visual support will include your child’s name, information and pictures of your vacation and/or schedules of your upcoming activities.

Personalized visual stories are available for a variety of reading levels and abilities (beginner, intermediate, and proficient)  We will create a 15-20 page personalized visual story including your child's name, pictures of the destinations, transportation, attraction, and activities your child will be involved in during the vacation. Books for children reading at a higher level will contain words and pictures. For a non-readers the visual story will focus more pictures with limited text. Your visual story will be comprised of actual photos of your destination as well as our delightful illustrations depicting your child in various vacation scenarios. 

Download a few pages preview sample of a visual story


Please fill out the questionnaire and email it to us at When submitting your payment of $10 through PayPal, please use the same email address or specify your email address in the message to seller. 

You will receive your child’s visual support via email within two weeks from the date we receive your completed questionnaire and payment. 

Download Visual Support Questionnaire (PDF)