Our Services

Our Services

We are special needs travel experts and advocates. We provide personal service to families traveling with special needs such as guided planning, booking, and making special arrangements for your trip. We also act as consultants to travel providers and vendors hoping to improve their level of service to families traveling with special needs. 

For Families and Individuals Traveling with Special Needs


Abeon Travel provides travel services to families and groups with special needs at every step of the way: 

Imagine your Dream Vacation
To help you decide on your vacation destination we provide a “Family Interest Planner” which provides you with an overview of different types of vacations. Our staff will then work with you to find the best vacation that meets your family’s needs.

Determine Special Provisions Required to Travel
To help us determine the special provisions required prior to and during travel, families will complete a special needs pre-trip questionnaire. After a review of the questionnaire, an Abeon staff member will discuss with the family their unique needs.

Booking Hotel/Resort Accommodations
We will book hotels or resorts that are special needs friendly. We will do our best to match the services provided by the facility to the needs of the family. Examples may include hotels and resorts that have earned an Autism certification, have trained staff, as well as provide visual supports, safety kits, activities, allergy free cleaning supplies, and allergy free rooms.

We will provide a list of special needs friendly attractions in the area. Attractions may offer:

  • Autism friendly programs
  • Assistive listening devices, visual scripts, closed captioning, ASL interpreters, auditory loops, tactile information cards, Braille and large print information, guided tours, touchable objects at exhibits
  • Hand on interactive exhibits
  • Autism Theater Initiative plays and movie theaters that offer select shows for individuals with autism –sensory friendly films
  • Movie theaters that offer descriptive movie screenings
  • Swimming with the dolphins for people with all types of disabilities
  • Adaptive skiing
  • Accessible boat rides/tours (fishing, snorkeling)
  • Accessible beaches and beach wheelchair rentals

We will provide a list of restaurants in the area that accommodate special dietary needs such as gluten free and allergy sensitive.

Ground Transportation
We will provide a list of ground transportation companies in the area including accessible van rentals and shuttles

Equipment and Medical
We will provide contact information for the following, if needed: 

  • Medical and equipment supply companies for oxygen, wheelchairs, shower chairs, Hoyer lifts, and bed rails.
  • Local hospitals and pharmacies

Other Services offered by Abeon Travel

We can help you plan and prepare for the travel experience of a life time—let's get started!


Consulting Services for Travel Providers

Our Mission:
Abeon Travel partners with the travel, hospitality, service, and transportation industries to develop actionable strategies and programs to better serve the complex and unique needs of all families and individuals with special needs.

We work directly with travel supplies to identify and address their special needs services. We train management and staff to be prepared for guests at all ability levels.

The Market

  • According to the 2010 US Census Bureau Report  “One in every 26 American families reported raising children with a disability.”
  • Reported by the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network 1 out of 68 children were identified with autism spectrum disorder.
  • The IRS reports that Americans with disabilities control nearly $200 billion in discretionary income.

Customers recognize and remember when a business or service provider goes the extra mile to meet their needs. The sharing of just one exceptionally positive travel experience will reach an entire community of potential travelers.

What Makes a Provider Special Needs Friendly?
At ABEON Travel, we look for:

  • Professionalism and commitment to meeting the needs of the special needs population.
  • Accessible venues
  • Knowledgeable staff of their customer and an understanding of their unique challenges.
  • Staff has been sensitivity trained
  • Special audio/visual/tactile devices for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and visually impaired
  • Atmosphere and environment for everyone to feel connected and engaged through activities and programs
  • Special dietary needs accommodated
  • Safe environment
  • Visual Supports for children

Working together, Abeon can help you and your business improve the availability, visibility, and quality of services for those traveling with special needs!